Which Is Better, Open Shelves Or Cabinets?

Storage places play an important role in the kitchen. Aside from being a place to store various items and kitchen equipment, but also as a complement to the decoration so that the kitchen looks prettier. In its application, two types of kitchen storage that are widely used are types of open shelves and closed cabinets such as kitchen cabinets. Each type of kitchen storage certainly has its advantages and disadvantages. You can determine which type of kitchen cabinets bakersfield is more suitable with several considerations.

Kitchen Storage – Open Shelves

– More attractive

The shape of the open shelf makes all the kitchen equipment stored there easier to see and attractive. Impressed light and does not block the view, the application of open shelves makes the kitchen feel more spacious and relieved.

– Easy to Clean

Open shelves are more prone to dust than the use of cabinets. But generally, the use of open shelves makes it easier for us to reach stored items so that cleaning them is relatively easier. In addition, you will find it easier to find items.

Kitchen Storage – Cabinets

– The Kitchen Looks Neater

The use of kitchen storage with the concept of a closet, allows us to cover whatever is in it. No matter how messy things are in the closet, as long as the cupboard is closed, the kitchen will always look neat.

– Practical

The concept of a closed storage area can be applied to various places in the kitchen. Not only on the upper wall but also at the bottom of the mini bar. So that this will make you able to maximize all areas in the kitchen more leverage.

– Uniformize the Display

Generally, paint cabinets or kitchen cabinets apply colors that match the concept and theme of the kitchen. With the application of the same color, will make the style of the interior design appear stronger and more prominent.

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