These Are 5 Smart Ways To Get Photogenic & Beautiful Selfie Photos


Selfie, it might be one of the hobbies of every woman today. Who isn’t tempted to selfie if you’re feeling very beautiful and your face is full makeup? After all, nobody forbids to take as many selfies as possible on your own smartphone, right? However, in fact, not all women know how to get good, beautiful and photogenic photos. Aside from that, if you want to add a high-quality photo booth for your party, you can always call the best photo booth rental san diego, ca.

If you want to look photogenic and don’t have to take selfies many times, these are 5 tips that you can do:

1. Pull your neck in

May seem strange? In order not to appear to have two chins because of the fat folds under the chin, try pulling your neck slightly forward to make it longer, then pull the lower part of your chin in for a thinner chin illusion.

2. The right make up

Don’t wear makeup with colors that are brighter than your face. Use a skin-colored foundation or a darker level. Don’t forget the neck. Flatten makeup on the neck to get a flat skin tone.

3. Find the right angle

Photographs with the front body are not very attractive, it is better if your position is slightly tilted with both feet rather tightly to make it look thinner on the face and thin for the body.

4. Don’t stand too close to the camera

If you want the body’s silhouette to look thinner, don’t take a picture close to the camera. It would be better to take photos from afar. To disguise the body, choose a beautiful and unique background to divert attention.

5. Photos from the upper angle

For beautiful selfies, don’t put the smartphone right in front of your face. Point slightly upwards so that it can give the impression of being thinner, eyes wider and nose sharper.