B1 English Test Skill Level Requirements You Need To Know

English B1 level is for the independent user that have been divided into 1 and 2 sublevels. This level is also for those who have the necessary to communicate with native speakers fluently. There is a system called CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). The system is defined and explains the different levels for the English language in written or oral expression and comprehension. You should take the check your english level to know your level.

Before to take the B1 exam, here’s some information about the skills that are needed for the B1 level of English.

B1 English Test Skill Level Requirements

1. Understanding the text

For those who want to take the B1 English test, you should be able to understand the text. If the texts are about familiar topics, whether in the study, work or leisure contexts, it means you should understand the main points of clear texts in standard language.

2. Cope with the situations.

You can cope with most of the situations that might arise when you go on a trip to areas where the language is used. So you can deal with when you’re traveling or for work abroad.

3. Producing the text

You may be able to produce simple and coherent texts about the topics that are familiar or something that becomes your interest. It will help you with the writing exam so you can write it freely.

4. Describing something

For B1 English test you should be able to describe experiences, wishes, aspirations, and events, as well as briefly explaining plans or justifying opinions.

That’s all about B1 English test for English skills that required in the exam. So it is important for you to improving your skills by practice a lot or joining some courses, it will help you to prepare and pass the exam for the B1 level of English.