These Are The Common Types Of Road Constructions

Road construction using paving blocks is only recommended for sightseeing in residential areas. For example, in residential areas and park streets. Roads like this are not recommended for use as the main road. It’s because the road paving blocks do not have enough strength to hold the weight of heavy vehicles. Meanwhile, you may also need to try cbr testing services so you can hire professionals to find out the strength of your newly-constructed road.

Paving blocks are generally made from a mixture of cement and sand which can be added to other materials. Paving blocks are available in various artistic forms and attractive colors.

Construction of Asphalt Road

There are so many roads that use this construction.
Asphalt road construction is road construction that uses hot asphalt as a binding material.

Asphalt road is an option because the road surface is smoother and not bumpy so that it gives comfort to its users. The color of the dark road contributes to the comfort of road users. Maintenance of asphalt roads is also fairly easy. If there is a hole, it is enough to excavate and fill in the damaged area.

However, this asphalt road is not a perfect road construction. This construction has a weakness that is not resistant to standing water. Therefore the construction of asphalt roads must also be accompanied by a good drainage system.

Concrete Road Construction

Concrete road construction is the right choice for the construction of major roads, especially roads that are often traversed by heavy vehicles. Roads with concrete construction generally have a minimum thickness of 20 cm. This road construction has a number of advantages, which are resistant to standing water to flooding, suitable for use in poor subgrade structures, and maintenance costs are more economical compared to asphalt road construction.

This concrete road advantage is commensurate with the complexity of the process. The difficulty level of making concrete roads is indeed quite high when compared to the process of making asphalt roads. In the manufacturing process, precise calculations are needed regarding the weight capacity of the vehicle going through the concrete road. If a vehicle passing on a concrete road is a vehicle with a large weight, then the cost of making construction becomes more expensive.