These Are Tips To Clean Broken Eggs On Your Tiles

Sometimes we accidentally drop eggs and break them on the tile or kitchen table. If it is not cleaned properly, often the broken egg remains will cause a fishy odor that does not disappear and make nausea. Moreover, the smell can be up to one room. If you want to avoid this, this is the right way to clean broken eggs. On the other hand, if you don’t have the time to clean your tiles by yourself, you may want to call the most trusted

1. Take it with a spatula

First, remove the egg and spoon fragments first with a spatula or a feeding solution. Do not get scattered and widened everywhere. Immediately throw it into the sink and flush it with water.

2. Wipe with a damp cloth

After that, wipe the affected part with a wet cloth. If possible, immediately wipe clean. Do not wipe back and forth repeatedly so the remaining eggs do not cause odor.

3. Sprinkle salt and lemon / baking soda

After the rest of the egg is clean, sprinkle salt and squeeze the lime or lemon. Leave a few moments. You can also use baking soda, sprinkle it in the area of the broken egg and let it sit for a while.

4. Wipe with a clean cloth rag

After that, wipe again with a clean, damp cloth or with a tissue.

That way, broken eggs will not cause fishy odors because they are not cleaned properly. Maybe useful.

5. You may use an air freshener

If you really want to get rid of the egg smell from the tiles and the room, then you may use an air freshener. It will replace the egg smell with a new, fresh, fragrant smell that can cheer up your mood. We recommend you to choose floral or fruity air freshener so the egg smell will be covered by the natural sweet smell that spoils your nose.

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