You Should Know The Etiquette For Drinking Wine

For those who are drinking wine for the first time, it seems very necessary to know how to drink wine properly. This needs to be known so that when invited to a wine drink or an exclusive dinner there is no embarrassing event. In the meantime, you may check out Breweryandwine store if you’re looking for the best equipment for your personal brewery at home.

Holding glass

Any kind of wine, then hold on to the glass stem. This avoids the transfer of heat from the hand which can change the temperature and taste of the wine itself.

Pouring Wine

When pouring red wine or white wine from a bottle to a glass, point it directly to the center of the glass. As for champagne / sparkling wine, it must be poured with the opposite side of the glass to keep the bubbles from appearing.

Look at the wine

Once the wine is poured, don’t straighten it upright, but observe it first by tilting the glass slightly.

Shake it

Shake the glass 10-15 seconds so that the wine mixes with oxygen and just boil the aroma to smell.

Smell it

Wine absorbs the aroma around the plantation, which causes a different aroma of the wine. Put the nose into the glass to enjoy the aroma of the wine.

Sip it, and don’t drink it too fast

Drinking wine is not like drinking water, it can run out once a minute but do it slowly by tasting it once in a while.